A New Beginning

A Key Area Vital to Maintaining the Ecological Structure De Drie Morgen, located in Wormer- and Jisperveld, is designated as a key area to support the ecological system. A tight network of passages linking separate nature reserves allows plants to propagate and animals to reproduce across a broad area.

The government intends Wormer- and Jisperveld to serve as a model and key area in the ecological main structure. The government provides financial compensation to support this project. Wormer- and Jisperveld consists of sixteen farmers and private owners who have transformed the agrarian function of assigned land to preservation of nature. This means the owners must maintain the natural characteristics and qualities of their land in accordance with environmental regulations. De Drie Morgen has set aside 67 acres exclusively for a nature reserve. Here management aims at preserving unique species of birds and plants indigenous to the wetlands.

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New Modern Buildings and Facilities on the Property

The stables, drainage, and terrain are in tiptop shape.

Because the buildings were not up to standard, it was decided in 2003 to rebuild entirely.

Presently the cows have a barn built with two main divisions. The “potstal” is a part of the barn reserved for breeding activities. This area houses pregnant cows, cows with their calves, and the young cows and bulls in separate pens. The “potstal” is designed to hold natural heat generated from the repeated layering of straw and manure. The other half of the barn, the “hellingstal,” holds surrogate cows between insemination periods. The floor is built as an incline, making it easy to collect manure in gutters for recycling.

The horses have new stables and an indoor riding arena for breaking, schooling, and training. The building is equipped with an ebb and flow system. Next to it is a specially designed treadmill.

Additional facilities include a new home for the owners and a modern laboratory for the care and breeding of the animals. Available for visitors is a reception area as well as a professionally equipped kitchen and meeting room. All facilities are fully automated with state of the art equipment.

To make improvements on the irrigation system throughout the farm, new ditches were dug, and drainage pipes were installed in the summer of 2004.

The Wormer and Jisper Veld Foundation

The Wormer and Jisper Veld Foundation’s main objective is to preserve a unique variety of indigenous birds, plants, and fish.

In 2004, a 568-acre nature reserve was formed in Wormer- and Jisperveld by eleven farmers and five private owners of which De Drie Morgen is a part.

The goal of the collective unit is to maintain the ecological stability of this area. The Wormer and Jisper Veld Foundation’s terrain adjoins land held in trust by the Natuurmonumenten; therefore, cooperation is mutually beneficial.

By January, 2007, the foundation’s members will control 988 acres of the Natuurmonumenten’s 1483 acres. Out of this acreage, De Drie Morgen is allotted 174.

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