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‘Our Aim is for One Hundred Percent’

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On December 8th a Belgian and two Dutch breeders of 100% Wagyu cattle met with Rob Baarsma at De Drie Morgen to revise the first version of the articles for a new association of Wagyu cattle breeders. Other Dutch and Belgian breeders of 100% Wagyu cows are welcome to join. The De Drie Morgen Association wants to guarantee the quality of Wagyu meat and therefore the breeding program. It will be assisted by the Wageningen University and Research Centre and by one of Japan’s major Wagyu breeders. A discussion with the Wagening University about the breeding program is planned for this January. The Japanese Wagyu breeder, whose know-how is considerable, is already working with Australian and American breeders. This year he visited De Drie Morgen. Rob will go see him in Japan next year. At the same time the association wants to provide all products in the Dutch and Belgian markets with a quality label: 100% Wagyu for cows that are 100% Wagyu and Crossbred Wagyu for cows that are not. The quality label will be attached to the pre-packaged meat as a tag. Finally, the association wants to initiate the founding of a European Wagyu Association, modeled after the Australian and American Wagyu Associations.

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  1. Rodger says:


    I contacted Rob a while ago interested in breeding Wagyu cattle. I have a cattle farm in Catalonia (north-east Spain) and I am very interested in your project, specially because I see that you have plans of starting a European Wagyu Association, and I don’t think there ae any 100% wagyus farms in Spain. I would be willing to join the association and breed wagyu in Catalonia. Rob invited me to visit De Drie Morgen but haven’t been able to go yet, would May be a good time to visit?