Breeding Philosophy at De Drie Morgen

De Drie Morgen exclusively breeds purebred Japanese Black Wagyu because this breed is famous for its quality meat. Only with authentic Black Wagyu can you be sure to produce meat that truly deserves its name

Only a small number of purebred Wagyu exist outside of Japan. Many breeders work with crossbreeds, a common practice in the United States, where Black Wagyu are often crossbred with Herefords and Angus. As a result, what is currently available in Holland under the name of Wagyu meat is not pure. Ultimately De Drie Morgen will produce Wagyu meat of the highest quality in Europe, thanks to the 100% purebred Wagyu being bred and raised on the farm. Accordingly, we are seeking guidance from leading Australian experts in the Wagyu industry. They have exported a total of 40,000 Wagyu to Asia. This enormous number was initially bred from a start of 100 Wagyu specimen imported to Australia thirteen years ago.

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A View Behind The Curtains

Selection of genetic traits

De Drie Morgen selects and breeds systematically, amongst other factors, on the basis of EBV.

An “Estimated Breeding Value” is a test for evaluating the breeding stock. The sum of these tests indicate the genetic traits to pass on specific characteristics to the offspring. The EVB can be used to determine various traits, for example; birth weight, size, milk quantity or the meat marbling. De Drie Morgen also tests to see if the breeding animals carry two particular genes that are important to beef quality. De Drie Morgen by using this selection process, strives for the improvement of the breed and their own breeding stock.

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