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In due time we aim to reach one of our most important goals, to market Wagyu beef of such quality that even the Japanese would want to purchase it. Our trademark for “Wagyu niku”

(Japanese beef) will be De Drie Morgen ®. The meat will be selected solely from our own purebred Wagyu herd that we have professionally bred, raised, and slaughtered. We will also repurchase cattle produced from our embryos after they have been bred and raised by other farmers.

For twenty months we will fatten up our surplus bulls, after which they will be sold. They will be fed a balanced diet using a century-old Japanese formula. In the spring of 2007, we will begin to process and sell embryos and semen. The Wagyu are conquering Europe. Our breeding stock is already unsurpassed in its genetic diversity as it exclusively consists of Black Wagyu.

On one hand, we will definitely produce excellent breeding material and, on the other, very much appreciated culinary meat.


Embryos, Semen and Bulls

We sell 100% Wagyu embryos, semen, and bulls.
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