The Wagyu Bulls of De Drie Morgen

Crown Jewels

De Drie Morgen imported two hundred embryos from Australia, by the Westholme Wagyu Pty Limited in Tarana, New South Wales. This enterprise owns next to the largest herd of full-blooded Wagyus in the world, belonging to the world’s absolute topquality. They were sold to the Australian Agricultural Company. Their genetic material will no longer be for sale. De Drie Morgen has exclusive ownership of this product.

De Drie Morgen embryos were produced by three different sires and 38 mothers. The cows descend from thethree most important bloodlines;the Fujiyoshi, the Kedake, and the Tajiri, also known as the Tajima. The bulls we are introducing are three of the crown jewels in Wagyu breeding.

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The Pedigree Bulls

Absolute healthy high ranked pedigree bulls sire our calves.

The bulls, that fathered our imported embryos, are Hirashige-Tayasu, Itomoritaka, and Kitateruyasu-doi. They are all three Japanese born and bred and registered

by the Zenwa (the Japanese Wagyu Register Office) as “Hongen,” which is the highest possible rank. The Japanese government permitted Westholme to import the these three bulls and eighty-four Black Wagyu cows. This was a unique occurrence, seen only once before. The stock was transported and housed by the Hawkeye Breeders Services in Adel, Iowa, in the United States. Sperm was taken from those bulls exclusively for Westholme. Under the authority of the US Department of Agriculture, the bulls were bought and killed after an outbreak of BSE was discovered in Japan. This was a necessary precaution to prevent a possible outbreak of BSE in the United States. Later tests proved that the bulls were BSE free.



Bull 001, Hirashige-Tayasu, is descended from the Kedaka bloodline. Hirashige-Tayasu is an important bull, having a dominant genetic trait for above-average growth and excellent body proportion.


Bull 002, Itomoritaka, has characteristics from both the Fujiyoshi and Kadaka bloodlines, guaranteeing that his male offspring will have excellent beef quality, good growth rate, and gentle dispositions. Itomoritaka’s female offspring have a high fertility rate and strong maternal instinct.

Bull 003, Kitateruyasu-doi, is from the Tajiri bloodline, but has a certain dominant trait for a larger size than is normally expected from most Tajiri sons. Futhermore, his offspring produce excellent beef, with fine distinct marbling. He has a beautiful fine coat.

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