Japanese Black Wagyu at De Drie Morgen

Building a Herd

At the farm, full blood Japanese Black Wagyu will form a herd that will provide high-grade beef and, as a bonus, will help support the ecological system, making this a unique combination.

Purebred Black Wagyu are a rarity in the Netherlands. De Drie Morgen has acquired its embryos from Australia. These embryos are one-hundred-percent pure, from registered Japanese stock, which means the parents were born in Japan. Wagyu embryos are implanted in carefully selected Dutch surrogate mother cows. The first two groups of calves were born in November, 2005, and January, 2006. These calves, together with the currently expected newborns, will start our new herd. Each aspect of this new herd— stud bulls, semen, embryos, slaughter animals, and especially the beef—will receive Europe’s highest rating.

Management will ensure the genetic diversity of our cattle, using scientific expertise and newly tested innovative methods. International techniques with proven results will be introduced as they become available.

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