Authentic Dutch Nature, Japanese Wagyu Cattle and World Class English Thoroughbred Jumping Horses

De Drie Morgen, an Agrarian Nature Reserve

Wormer- and Jisperveld is a region in Holland that consists of former peat bogs, now the largest fields in Western Europe and one of the most beautiful wetlands in Western Holland.

De Drie Morgen has been the farming business of Rob Baarsma and Caroline Zeevenhooven since 2003. It is located in the northern part of Wormer- and Jisperveld, next to a nature reserve belonging to the Natuurmonumenten. De Drie Morgen has an area of 79 acres with the largest part, 67 acres, dedicated to preserving nature and to breeding Wagyu cattle. The remaining twelve acres are for the show jumpers.

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Japanese Black Wagyu cattle at De Drie Morgen

De Drie Morgen helps to sustain the nature reserve. On the property, Rob Baarsma grazes his cattle, the Japanese Black Wagyu. He definitely wanted these animals for the grazing and fertilizing of his rich pastures, abundant in healthy grass and flowering plants. The Black Wagyu are well known for their meat. It is of excellent quality and exceptionally tasty. Chefs of famous restaurants readily spend money on Wagyu meat, especially when the cattle have been fed properly on good grasses. De Drie Morgen provides excellent pastureland, and during the winter the cattle are fed a balanced diet. Calves, embryos, and semen will be sold or kept for breeding purposes.

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